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Kat Dison Nechlebová, M.A., NLC, ATR earned a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2007; thereafter, she obtained Masters Degrees in counseling and art therapy with emphasis in transpersonal psychology at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and graduated from the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, earning her certification in their Applied Existential Coaching program. She currently resides in Kansas City, running her private practice "Art Therapy & Integrative Counseling" providing services as an art therapist, Colorado registered psychotherapist, existential phenomenologist, and multidisciplinary artist.

For the past decade, the scope of Kat's disciplines ranged from ancient wisdom traditions to cutting-edge developments in modern interpersonal neurobiology--including spiritually-based traditions of Jungian psychology, existential-phenomenology, holotropic breathwork, dream analysis, sound healing, existential coaching, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Kat uses her experiences as both an artist and therapist to portray human behavioral patterns visually and experientially, providing tangible models to understand otherwise unconscious behavior. In her art, Kat explores the perpetual evolution of arts' ever persistent challenge to collective ecological, cultural, and political social paradigms.


10 East Concord Ave. Kansas City, MO 64112  |  Tel: 816.812.9747

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