I use my experiences and skills as both an artist and therapist to portray human behavioral patterns visually and experientially, providing tangible models to understand otherwise unconscious behavior. Playing with micro and macrocosms of this concept ensures its perpetual evolution, and allows me to continuously study the connections between “subjective” art and “objective” experience. Possessing multidisciplinary skill allows me to study and explore these ideas deeper still through performance-based art, combining elements of sculpture, installation, audiovisual art, and sound.


My work aspires to transform ordinary matter into the extraordinary, acting as an immersive bridge connecting the material world to the conceptual realm. I feel compelled to create art that vividly addresses our own psychological destruction, while simultaneously nurturing the dynamic aspects of human experience. My hope is that my work enhances individuals’ perception of the entirety of their surroundings, attend more carefully to that which is taking place, and appreciate our roles in this grand experience.

 I am inspired by Indo-European spiritual practices, the dual nature of alchemy, and archetypical psychology. I continuously reference these influences in my work, to guide me toward ideas that are couched in the current direction of our world. I find that linking theology and philosophy comprises both the process and paralleled mystical component in my work. This allows me to further explore the cultivation of quotidian chaos as pervasive and unperceived patterns that govern our lives.