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This World is Strange & I Blame it on You.

Denial, projection, displacement, regression, avoidance, counter-transference; these are all psychological maladaptive behaviors humans developed for the simple goal of survival. Although these behaviors can and do provide means for amazing feats, societies built from and based upon these psychological maladaptive behaviors exist in a continuous state of tremendous sociological tension. The cost to the psyches of individuals living within these cultural societies is monstrous. Comparatively, emotional authenticity defies these maladaptive behaviors, and by extension, collective societal norms as well. The very act of sharing authentic emotional expression to another shakes the core tenets of a maladaptive society. However, individual attempts to challenge an unhealthy societal paradigm like this oftentimes ends up backfiring, triggering a chain reaction of emotions people are ill-equipped to manage due to lack of authentic emotional feedback or response. Consequently, individuals detrimentally rely on the same maladaptive behavior that they are trying to challenge in their maladaptive society.

Archetypes are templates for character narratives that archeologist and sociologists have confirmed existed since prehistoric times. They are unquestionably universal. They have been displayed in art, lore, and ritual pinnacle icons; every tribe, every society, every culture, every story ever created in this world, rely on these limited archetypes. However, the core characteristics presented by these universal archetypes are also classified as mental disorders in the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), a psychological diagnostic tool used by all modern mental health practitioners. Simply put, the archetypes that all humans share across the entirety of history are all based upon psychological maladaptive behaviors; all humans therefore share the same maladaptive behaviors. This fact proves how the collective unconsciousness is the key to successfully challenge a maladaptive society.

In consistently recognizing that all individuals constantly possess and share the same psychological maladaptive behaviors, we are stripped of the ability to deny, project, displace, regress, avoid, or otherwise counter-transfer the authentic emotional expressions of a fellow person; instead, consensus reality maintains its traditional pattern of behavior…… This world is strange, and I blame it on you.


The Self
Mixed Media
16’ x 14’ x 4

The Innocent.jpg

The Innocent

Leather, Silk, Human Hair, Fur, Pearl, Oak, Gypsum, Glass

44” x 31” x 18”

Self Portrait.jpg

The Lover

Porcelain, Paper, Suede, Wool, Earth

7’ X 8’ X 1’


Anima Animus

Leather, Silk, Human Hair, Wire, Acrylic, Jute, Reed

13’ x 9.5’ x 9.5’


The Shadow
Gypsum, Leather, Fur, Pearls, Rope, Cotton, Acrylic
8’ x 5.5’ x 3’