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Ebb & Flow

“Time and Tide waits for no man.” ~ Geoffrey Chaucer, 1395 A.D.

A familiar saying from the days of sailing ships when tides determined departure times, this saying advises against procrastinating on important matters. Delaying action due to procrastination functions practically as a continuous, familiar, repetitive loop, and that loop is often formed from fear of changing the familiar. But time, like the tide, does not idly wait for action from the individual. Time continuously and repetitiously acts while people idle, ebbing and flowing, eroding opportunity out and away. This concept is demonstrated by the installations figures repeating their movements. Ebb & Flow questions what happens when we break a loop: whether we fly, fall, or simply dangle helplessly in limbo when we make the choice to act.

ebb pano.jpg

*Kinetic installation: Block print on paper with cad system made from found politician signs, motors, cotton, parasols, and spools.

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